Why we do it? In the Bible, believers met in large groups for worship at the Temple Courts. In addition, they met in small groups house to house. We do it because of the example we have in the Bible. We already meet as a large group each Sunday for worship. Now it’s time to meet in smaller groups.

What purposes does it serve? The same purposes the church serves, just in a smaller size group. And, with smaller numbers, we can do some things better, like eat, help each other when needs arise, and fellowship together.

Small Group Line-up
Monday @ 7:00pm – Women’s Group
Hosted by Jeanine Edmondson
3289 Hartwell Street, Johns Island
Phone: 843-906-8080 email: jeanine.edmondson@yahoo.com
Tuesday @ 6:30pm – Mom’s Group
Hosted by Rachael Kline
This groups is for mother’s with children who are still living at home (whatever the age!)
Meets at: Grace Point Church (942 Folly Road)
Phone: 843-906-5690 email: rekline2015@gmail.com 
Tuesday @ 6:30pm – YOUTH on the Edge
“Tuesday Night Live.” All youth grades 6-12 are welcome! Hosted by Pastor John Peters. 
Meets at Folly Beach Baptist (except the FIRST Tuesday of the month, which is pizza/game night and meets at Grace Point Church – 942 Folly Road)
Phone: 843-714-5300 email: peters.john242@gmail.com 
Wednesday @ 7:00pm – Men’s Group
Hosted by Sandy Helms
780 Fort Johnson Road, James Island
Phone: 843-324-3510
Thursday @ 10:00am – Adult Group
Hosted by Pastors John Peters and Jason Ridge. All adults are welcome!
Grace Point Church (942 Folly Road)
Phone: 843-714-5300 email: peters.john242@gmail.com
Thursday @ 7:00pm – Adult Group
Hosted by Pastor Kevin & Libbye Bennett
1760 Bee Balm Road, Johns Island
Phone: 843-330-0089 email: kevinbennett1960@gmail.com